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Margaret Heafield Hamilton
Margaret Hamilton
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Margaret Hamilton's life
graduated from Hancock High School
began studying mathematics at the University of Michigan
received a bachelor's degree in mathematics with a second major in philosophy from Earlham College
received her bachelor's degree in mathematics from Earlham College
founded Hamilton Technologies
joined the Draper Laboratory at MIT, working for the Apollo program
she started working at NASA
founded Higher Order Software
started working on the SAGE project
started working for E. Lorenz in the meteorology department at MIT
Working on the SAGE project
She also wrote the software for the satellite tracking project.
She was one of the programmers who created the software for the AN/FSQ-7 (XD-1) prototype system that searched for enemy planes
SAGE — semi-automatic coordination system
of the interceptors' actions.
Margaret Hamilton on starting at MIT
They put me on this program, but I still made it work.
The program even printed out the answers in Latin and Greek. I was the first person to make it work.
When you come to this organization, you usually
you, as a beginner, are given
this program that
no one has ever been able
to understand or run it.
This computer system was one of one of the most sophisticated for its time. Its rigorous approach to programming was so successful, that not a single programming error is known to have occurred during Apollo missions.
APOLLO Project
Computer science pioneer Margaret Hamilton played
a key a role in the astronauts' landing to the moon for the first time on July 20, 1969, as well
as in bringing them home safely
a few days later.
Пионер информатики Маргарет Гамильтон сыграла ключевую
роль в посадке астронавтов на Луну, впервые произошедшей 20 июля 1969 года, а также в безопасном возврате их домой спустя несколько дней.
This led to an overload of the device, a very serious situation. Had the pedantic Margaret not foreseen this possibility, the lives of both astronauts would have been cut short and the mission would have been aborted.
When Apollo reached the lunar surface, the system
suddenly there was a serious malfunction. Giant amounts of completely unnecessary data were suddenly transmitted to the landing module computer.
Hamilton Companies
Hamilton founded Hamilton Technologies in Cambridge
in March 1986 The company was built around the USL language and the associated automated environment, 001 Tool Suite, based on the "Development Before the Fact" paradigm for systems design and software development
Hamilton and a companion founded a company called
Higher Order Software to further develop ideas on error prevention and fault tolerance a program or set of programs used to control a compute
Гамильтон основала Hamilton Technologies в Кембридже в марте
1986 года Компания строилась вокруг языка USL и связанной
с ним автоматизированной среды, 001 Tool Suite, на основе парадигмы «Разработка перед фактом» для проектирования систем и разработки программного обеспечения
Presidential Medal of Freedom From Barack Obama
Received the Earlham College Distinguished Alumni Award
NASA for Outstanding Achievements in Space
Ada Lovelace Award in Computer Technology
Computer History Museum Award, given to people whose computer ideas have changed the world
The LEGO Women of NASA set is on sale now, from NASA, which features the Hamilton figurine
Honorary Doctorate from the Polytechnic of Catalonia
Karen Tegan Padid wrote in Wired:
«She, along with another programming pioneer,
Grace Hopper, creator of the COBOL language, also has great credit for more opportunities to succeed in such technical software»
Her domains
of competency include
quality assurance techniques
end-to-end testing
user interfaces
seamless integration
design paradigm
design paradigm
automated lifecycle environments
full lifecycle automation
system-oriented objects for system development
system architecture and software development
During these times, computer science and software
development weren't well established spheres of study and programmers learned
on the job, from their
own practical experience
During these times, computer science
and software development weren't well established spheres of study and programmers learned
on the job, from their
own practical experience
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